Choc Full of Popcorn

It seems fitting to start this blog with a picture of Cadbury’s “Choc Full of Popcorn” as it changed my life and prompted me to eat (and make) new things. I discovered this mouth-watering treat on a recent trip to London. For me it’s heaven in a bag and I could not get enough of it.


My friends have varying opinions, some not so positive but for me, it’s a total winner and I’d recommend it to anyone. The only place I’ve found it in Adelaide is Blackebys Sweets in James Place for $5.95. Alternatively you can try eBay but it’s significantly more expensive, especially with shipping.

Items may also be available from but I haven’t personally bought from there yet. (After a quick browse through their website, I definitely WILL be buying something later!)

My rating: Smiley Face


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