Simply Marvellous

It’s no secret that I love the Cadbury Marvellous Creations range.  After finding out that there are two new flavours, I rushed to my local Woolworths to give them a go.  Unfortunately the flavours weren’t available in bars, so I had to buy the big blocks.

The new flavours are:

gummi_wrapper marshmallow_wrapper

And just because I hadn’t tried it yet, I also bought:


So what did I think?

Clinkers, Gummi Bears, Choc Biscuit


This is a great chocolate.  The gummi pieces were generous in size and really tasty.  I’m not very familiar with Clinkers candy but I found that it tasted similar to Crunchie pieces.  (If it hadn’t been for the colour, I would have guessed Crunchie.)  The cookie pieces were scarce but pleasant.  All in all, I would definitely recommend this chocolate, especially if you like gummi candy.

Clinkers, Raspberry Chips, Marshmallows


Another great chocolate.  The marshmallow pieces were small but tasty, and once again, the Clinkers tasted like Crunchie pieces.  I see that “Raspberry Chips” is in the name but I can’t say that the taste stood out to me.

Peanut, Toffee, Cookie


Although this flavour has been out since the Marvellous Creations range hit Australia, my dislike of peanuts had made me reluctant to try it.  But today I decided that it’s time to put aside my issues with peanuts and give it a go.  This variety of Marvellous Creations is definitely not my favourite.  The peanut taste is very evident (bad for me but good for some) and I found it surprisingly sweet.  (Sweeter than the previous two types if you can believe that!)  The cookie pieces remind of Malteasers and were really nice.  While “toffee” is in the name, I didn’t taste anything resembling toffee.

So in conclusion, I am very happy with the new Marvellous Creations flavours.  I will have to say that the gummi bears one is my favourite of the two.  I managed to grab the last one in the shop so it looks like it might also be a consumer favourite.  I hope that these new flavours are available in bars because my purse and figure can’t handle too many of the larger blocks.


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