New Marvellous Creations Flavour


The new Marvellous Creations flavour is “Banana Candy, Peanut Drops and Choc Biscuit” and it is exclusive to Woolworths.  (Thanks Woolworths for sending me these – I entered a giveaway contest and was one of the lucky 4000 winners.  Or rather, *two* of the lucky 4000 winners.)

Let’s get down to business…


“Do you love me as much as Joyville does?”  Unfortunately no.  No I do not.  It wasn’t a bad chocolate, but compared to the rest of the range, I personally think that it ranks poorly.  The Banana Candy was too sweet and artificial, and the Peanut Drops didn’t do it for me.

It’s worth trying for something new/different but I think the other flavours are better.  Sorry Joyville.


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